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Muslim Confession Of FAITH

The basic beliefs of Islam are:-

  1. Allah
  2. Angels of Allah ( Mala’ikah)
  3. Books of Allah (Kutubullah)
  4. Messengers of Allah( Rusulullah)
  5. The day of judgement (Yawmuddin)
  6. Predestination or supremacy of divine (Al-Qadr)
  7. Life after death (Akhirah)

These beliefs have been stated precisely in Al-Imanul Mufassal, the faith in detail:

Amantu Billahi, wa mala’ikatihi, wa kutubihi, wa rusulihi, wal yawmil akhiri, wal qadri, khairihi wa sharrihi minal lahi ta’ala, wal ba’thi ba’dal mawt”. (Note: - English “th” pronounced as Arabic “S”. Thus ba’thi implies Ba’si)

This Means:

I believe in Allah, in His Angels, His Scriptures, His Messengers, the Day of Judgments and that everything, good and bad(in the world) is pre-destined by Allah the exalted, and (I believe) in resurrection after death”.

It is the confession of Faith. The above seven beliefs can be grouped into three:

  1. TAWHID [Allah ; Al-Qadr ] ::Tawhid means oneness of Allah.

  1. RISALAH [ Angels ; Books ; Messengers] ::Risalah is the channel of communication between Allah and mankind.

  1. AKHIRAH [Day of Judgment ; Life after Death] :: Our life on earth is temporary and is meant to be a preparation for Akhirah which is never ending.

Tawhid, Risalah and Akhirah summarise the whole of the Islamic system of life. So we must understand them.

  1. TAWHID [Allah , Al-Qadr ]


Muslims should believe in the fact that: Allah – the most Exalted is ONE. He alone and none else is worthy of worship and devotion. He knows everything, nothing is hidden from him. He possesses great power and potency. None but he created the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars, the angels, human beings, genies and the entire world and he alone is sovereign over the whole of the universe. He gives life and death.

He alone gives food to his creatures. He neither eats nor drinks nor sleeps. He is self existent from eternity to eternity. No one created him. He has neither father nor sons, nor daughters, nor wives, nor other relations. He is above all such relationship. All depend on him. He depends on none, and is free from want. He is peerless and nothing is like him. He is free from all blemishes. Unlike his creatures he does not have hands, legs, nose, ears, face and shape.

He created angels and appointed them to do specific tasks and to manage affairs of the world. He sent messengers for the guidance of his creatures so that they exhort people to follow true religion, do right things and acts, and forbid them to do evil things.

  • Predestination or supremacy of divine(Al-Qadr)

A Muslim should have faith in FATE(Taqdir). There is an estimation or knowledge with Allah of all things whether good or bad. By believe in AL-Qadr we testify that Allah is the absolute controller of all the affairs of his universe. He knows the fate of all human beings. This does not mean we can do whatever we like as if it made no difference to what happens with us. Allah has given us free will. We must pay attention to divine guidance provided by Allah the almighty. We have to choose between the right and wrong. If we follow Allah’s guidance, we will be rewarded and if not, we will be punished.

The first duty of a muslim is to declare his faith that “ There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is Allah’s messenger”. To make this declaration of faith; a person must say in words and believe in his heart –

La-ilaha illal Lahu Muhammadur rasulullah-“ (Sallallahu.Alaihi.Wasallam)

This means “there is no God but Allah; Muhammad is Allah’s messenger”. ( PeaceBeUponHim)

The sayings of these Arabic words is called Ash-Shahadah( Declaration of Faith). (It is also called Kalimah-Tay-Yibah)

  1. RISALAH [ Angels , Books, Messengers]


The second is to believe in angels (Mala’ikah). Angels are the creation of Allah. They are made of effulgence (Nur-‘Light’), Divine light. By comparison, Adam, the first man was created from clay and Jinn from fire. Angels do not disobey Allah, and do not commit sin. They do not require things a human being would need. They are always busy doing the tasks that Allah has assigned to them. No one except Allah knows the exact number of angels.

We however know this much that the number of angels is very large and that four of them are very well renowned and close to Allah. (Note:- English ‘d’ is pronounced as “z” Arabic”. Thus HADRAT implies HAZRAT with lesser toned English “z”) .

  • Hadrat Jibra’il (Gabriel as in biblical form):-Brought Allah’s messages, Scriptures and commands to prophets.
  • Hadrat Israfil(Israfil):-Will blow the trumpet at the time of the end of the world and on the Day of Judgment.
  • Hadrat Mika’il (Michael):- Appointed to manage rains and deliver livelihood to Allah’s creatures.
  • Hadrat Izra’il (Azrail):-Appointed to take out souls of Allah’s creatures. Also called as angel of death, (Malakul mawt).

It should also be believed that when a man dies and buried; two angels come to him, one is called Munkir and the other Nakir and they enquire from the dead, “ Who is his Allah? What is his religion? And who is your Prophet?

If the deceased has Faith (Iman), his replies are proper and a window of paradise is opened towards him and he enjoys its cool fragrant air and sleeps soundly. But if he has no faith, he says he doesn’t know anything and then he has to suffer punishment till the day of judgement.

Some angels are busy recording everything we do.

  • Books of Allah: Divine scriptures

Allah’s greatest favours to mankind are His guidance contained in the books of revelation. A Muslim believes in al the revealed books which are mentioned in the Qur’an. There are four famous Divine Books:

  • Tawrat (Torah) or Old Testament Revealed to Hadrat Musa (Moses) (PeaceBeUponHim)

  • Zabur (psalms) Revealed to Hadrat Dawud (David) (PeaceBeUponHim)

  • Injil (Bible) or New Testament Revealed to Hadrat Isa (Jesus Christ) (PeaceBeUponHim)

  • Holy Qur’an Revealed to Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (PeaceBeUponHim) (Sallallahu.Alaihi.Wasallam)

  • The Quran also mentions Suhuf-i-Ibrahim (Scrolls of Abraham).

Of the divine books, only Quran exists in its original form, while the rest are not available in their original language and form. Even their original texts do not exist. Their compilers have modified and mixed divine words of Allah with those of human beings. Also the compilation was done many years after the deaths of the prophets to whom they were revealed. For example The Bible which is a combination of Old Testament and New Testament has been translated into English from available Greek manuscripts. Any careful reader can easily find out the additions and alterations made to them.

Each and every word of the Quran was recorded as soon as it was revealed by Allah to the Prophet through Angel Jibra’il. The Prophet’s secretary, Zaid Bin Thabit, used to record them exactly as Prophet told him. He would read back to the Prophet what he had recorded.

The Quran is a living proof of existence of Allah, the All-Powerful. It is also a testimony of the validity of the Islamic way of life for all times. The subject matter of Quran is man and his ultimate goal in life. Its teachings cover all areas of this life and life after death. Insha-Allah in future, I would post a separate topic About the Holy Quran .

  • Messengers of Allah

The fourth factor of Muslims faith is to believe in Messengers of Allah (peace be upon them). According to a saying, there are at least 1,24,000 prophets, i.e. Messengers of Allah. The first Prophet was Adam(PeaceBeUponHim) and the last prophet is Muhammad(sallalhu-alaihi-wasallam) and prophet hood ends with him.

Our Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) is the most exalted and glorious of all the messengers and prophets. He is the most beloved Prophet of Allah.

  1. AKHIRAH [Day of Judgment, Life after Death]

  • The Day of Judgment

The fifth factor of faith is to believe in “THE JUDGMENT DAY”. The day when all human beings and living souls shall die, the entire world(whole universe) shall perish, the mountains shall blow like cotton puffs, the stars shall disintegrate and fall down and almost all the objects shall be reduced to nothing.

All dead persons after the second trumpet call of angel Hadrat Israfil (Allaihis Salam), will have to appear before Allah to give full account of their deeds. Their deeds will be measured and weighed for their final rewards and punishment. The people will have to pass over the bridge (Pul Sirat). The Holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) will first of all cross that bridge with his followers. Then those people who were obedient to Allah’s previous messengers(Prophets) will pass over the bridge only with the intercession of hadrat Muhammad(S.A.W) according to the measurement of their deeds.

The sinners will have to face unlimited torture in Hell. But Allah, the most benevolent and merciful will pardon the BELIEVERS at last and send them into PARADISE. But the pagans(non-beleivers/idolators) will have to be part of HELL forever.

Click following link and Check out the signs of Qayamat(Judgement day)

  • Life after death(Akhirah)

A Muslim believes that he will be rewarded in life after death for his good actions. He will live in heaven, a place of eternal happiness and peace. To be rewarded by Allah, the merciful and Kind, we need to follow his guidance given to Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W). We need to do all that Allah demands of us and given up all bad habits and wrong actions.

Wrong-doers will be punished on the Day of Judgment and will be sent to Hell, a place of severe punishment and suffering.

Doubts have been expressed by unbelievers about life after death. They cannot understand how Allah can raise men and women after death. But Allah can make human beings out of nothing. So it is not difficult for him to raise them after death.

The Qur’an says:

Does man think that we shall not assemble his bones?. Nay, we are able to put together in perfect order, the very tips of his fingers.”.[75:3,4]

There are people who do not care about life after death or do not believe in it at all. These people will suffer terribly for their unbelief.

Life on earth would be horrible if people do no believe in life after death. There would be no restraint or control on what we do. Belief in Akhirah would make a Muslim accountable for his actions. He knows Allah is watching, his conduct and behavior would therefore be responsible, controlled and careful. He will always try to do things which Allah will favour and give up those actions which will invite Allah’s Punishment.


shastri said...

very Nice...I am born a Hindu and am spiritual. I appreciate your gesture to build bride between religions for all humanity. If people knew more about Islam, it is a way to inner harmony and there is nothing to find problem with.

anand bhat said...

very Nice...I am born a Hindu and am spiritual. I appreciate your gesture to build bride between religions for all humanity. If people knew more about Islam, it is a way to inner harmony and there is nothing to find problem with.