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Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad(PeaceBeUponHim)


Deeds are by intentions. Every man shall have all that which he intended for. ( That is , a man is rewarded for his activities in accordance with his intentions. If he intends rewards of the hereafter, then that is for him. If he intends immediate rewards, he is given that sooner or later, in some form or the other. So also if he intends to please Allah, Allah is pleased with him and rewards him both in this world as well as in the next. However if he intends to please people, then his actions are turned to them who reward him in the manner they deem fit. The hadith is from Bukhari).

The Natural State

Every human being is born on nature(that is, uncorrupt, and believing in one Allah). It is his parents who Judaize him, Christianize him or zoroastrianize him. (The hadith is from Bukhari.)

The Simple Demand

Allah will address the least suffering man of Hell and say: “Would you, if you had all the treasures of the world, ransom it to escape this punishment?’ the man will say: ‘Yes, indeed.’ Allah will say, ‘ My demand on you was of less exacting nature. I had instructed you all when were yet in Adam’s back not to ascribe partners unto Me. But you refused and ascribed partners unto Me. ( The reference here is to the pledge taken by Allah from Adam’s progeny while still in their pre-natal stage of creation, to the effect that they shall not associate anyone with God. See Ch.7.verses172-74).(also Bukhari and Muslim)

Essence of Faith

He who loved for God, hated for God, gave for and denied for God, perfected his faith. (Ref:- Abu Da’ud,Tirmidhi, quoted in Kalam-e-Nubuweat by Farooq Khan,vol.1, p.203 )

No one is true in his faith until his desires submit to what I have brought.(Ref:-Sharh as-Sunnah,Kalam,p.251)


These 3 are signs of a hypocrite even if he prays and fasts: “when he speaks, he lies; when he promises, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he deceives.(Ref:-”Jami’ Saghir, Suyuti, hadith no.3473. Some words have been dropped following Munawi’s comment)


(The house of ) Islam rests on five (pillars): The testimony that God is one and Muhammad is his bondman and prophet, establishment of prayers, payment of zakat, performance of Hajj, and , (observation of) Ramadan fasts. (Ref:-Bukhari and Muslim)


People! There is nothing that will take you nearer to Paradise and away from Fire, but I have bid you do it. And there is nothing that will take you nearer to Fire and away from Paradise but I have forbidden it. And Ruhul-ameen(according to another report, Ruhul Quds)(Jibra’il is referred to in both the instances) put it in my heart that no soul shall die until it has obtained its share of the world. Fear then Allah and adopt fair means in seeking ( your share of) the world. And let not delay in its coming compel you to seek it through disobedience of God . for what is with him cannot be had but through his obedience.(Ref:-Sharh Sunnah, Baihaqi,Kalam, p.227)

Good Conduct

The best in faith of the faithful are those who are best in conduct. Indeed good conduct can attain the value of prayer and fasts. (Ref:- Al-ahadith Sahiha, Albani no 1590 )

The World

Renounce the world and Allah will love you. And renounce what the people have, they will love you. (Ref:- Al-Arba’in, Nawawi, no 31)


These hearts also get rusted as does iron when it comes in contact with water. It was asked: “ and how are they to be cleansed O apostle of God?” He said: “ through much remembrance of death and recitation of the Quran. (Ref:- Baihaqi in Sho’ab al-Imam, Kalam, p. 340 )

The individual And The Society

The believer who mixes with people and bears their wrongs with patience is better than he who does not mix with them and does not bear their wrongs with patience. (Ref:- Al-ahadith Sahiha, Albani, no 939. )


Usury has 70 chapters. The least of them (in foulness) is like a man having intercourse with his mother. (Ref:- Ibid, no 1871 )


Beware of the oppressed man’s cry. It rises to God as fast as a sparkle(from fire). (Ref:- Jami’Saghir, no 149 )


Wealth is not harmful for him who fears God, while good health for one who fears God is better than wealth. And to be of a cheerful disposition is a bounty(of God). (Ref:- Albani, no 174 )


He who does not thank people does not thank God. (Abu Da’ud, Tirmidhi )


The best of food in the eyes of God is that on which many hands fall. (Ref:- Jami’ Sagir, no 213. And the meaning of the hadith is that God likes people sharing their food with as many as they can. )

The Despicable Man

Verily Allah despises every proud, avaricious man(who is) quarrelsome in the markets, a log in the night, a donkey in the day, clever in worldly matters but ignorant of the hereafter. (Ref:- Albani, no 195 )

The Believer

The faithful is like a date-palm tree. He remains green all the year around. (Ref:- Adopted From Bukhari,Kitab al-‘Ilm )


If you have no shame then do as you please. (Ref:- Bukhari, Kitab Al-anbia )

The Ultimate Loyalty

There is ( to be) no obedience of the created in the disobedience of the creator. (Ref:- Al-Arba’in, Nawawi, no.20 )


It is enough of a lie for a man to repeat all that he hears. And it is enough for a man to be a miser to say: “I will take all my right and shall forego none of it.” (Ref:- Sharh as- Sunnah , Kalam, p.228 )


Mount these beasts unharmingly and dismount them unharmingly. And do not make chairs of them.

(The prophet said this when he saw people mounted on their beasts and engaged in conversation.)

When you return to your people tell them to feed these animals well. And tell them to shorten their nails in order not to hurt them in their udders when milking.

A man called Sumada b. Rabi asked the prophet for economic assistance. The prophet gave him some cattles and advised him in these words. (Ref:- Albaani, no 317 )


If the day of judgement is called out while one of you is holding a sapling in his hand, then if he can plant it before presenting himself, let him do it. (Ref:-Ibid, no 931 )

Natural Resources

Do not use excess water even at a running stream. (Ref:- Ibn Majah, At-Taharah )


Verily between the two leaves( of the door of) paradise is the travel-distance of 40 years.( Meaning it is so wide, Note the time scale employed. Ref:- Albani, no 1698)


The 7 heavens(meaning the created world) compared to the Kursi are not but like a ring thrown in a large field. And the “Arsh in comparison to the kursi is as large as the field compared to the ring. (Ref:- Ibid, no 109 , it is not known what exactly is meant by the words ‘Arsh and Kursi. The hadith merely says how large the unknown is compared to the known.)


When God has brought His creations into being, He wrote down in his Book about Himself and the Book remains with Him in the heavens. “Verily My mercy exceeds My Anger.” (Ref:- Bukhari , Kitab at-Tahuhid)

The Times

Allah the Mighty the Exalted says : “Son of Adam abuses Me. He curses the Time. Indeed I am the Time: In My Hand is the Command and I shuffle the days and nights.” (Ref:- Bukhari , Tafsir, surah al-Jathia )


A man is tested according to the strength of his faith. If he is strong in it, the test can be severe. But if he is weak, it can be mild.: so that afflictions do not depart from a man but leave him walking on earth without a sin on him. (Ref:- Jami’ saghir, no 1054 )

The House of Praise

When a man’s child dies Allah says to the angels :” you have seized my slave’s child?’. They say: ‘Yes. He says:’ And what did My slave have to say?’ They say: ‘He praised you and said: ‘Verily we belong to God and to Him do we return.’ Allah Most High says then : ‘Build a House for My Slave in Paradise and call it the “House of Praise.” (Ref:-Ibid, no 854)


He who attributed to me what I did not say, may make his dwelling in Hell.(Ref:- Bukhari, Kitab al-Ilm )


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