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Quran And Science

The Answers are verses of Quran.

AYAT(or ayah)=VERSE


First: Q.Who fears God the most?

A:From His human beings, the scholars (experts) indeed awe (fear) Allah. The answer is a translation of Ayat 28 from Surat Fatir.

Q: Does the frightening sound of the thunder mean something? A: And the thunder praises His glory, so do the angels from His awe (fear). And He sends the thunderbolts that strike whom He wants. Yet they argue in Allah and He is a hard plotter (who can punish). Translation (from Arabic into English) of: Ayat 13 Surat AlRa'd.

Q: Are mountains stable in one place? A: You see the mountains and think they are not moving but they pass like the clouds. It's the work of Allah who made everything perfect. Allah is expert with what you do. Translation of: Ayat 88 Surat AlNaml.

Q: If the river pours in a sea, why doesn't the fresh water mix up with the salt water? A: Allah lets flow the two bodies of water, this is fresh water and the other is salty and He made a divider and a forbidden control between them. Translation of: Ayat 53 Surat AlFurkan.

Q: What does Allah do to the shadow? A: Can't you see how your God spread the shadow, and if He wants He could have made it stable (not moving) and then We made the sun a proof for it. Then We easily held it back to Us. Translation of: Ayat 45 Surat AlFurkan.

Q: Why does the shadow move? A: Have not they seen how the shadows of the non-living things that Allah created move to the right and the left, yielding to God by lying flat on the ground in prostration (worship). Translation of: Ayat 48 Surat AlNahl.

Q: What is the human being made of? A: We created the human being from an offspring of clay. Then We made him a sperm in a deep-rooted resting place. Then We created the sperm into a blood clot, then created the clot into a (foetus) lump then we created the lump into bones then We covered the bones with flesh then We made him into another creature so blessed be Allah, the best of creators. Translation of: Ayat 12-14, Surat AlMou'minoun.

Q: Do animals belong to communities? A: There isn't an animal on earth or a bird that flies with its wings but nations like you. We didn't miss in The Book anything then they will come back to their God. Translation of: Ayat 38, Surat AlAna'm.

Q: Is there one sky (heaven)? A:The seven heavens (skies), the earth and all who is there declare His glory. All (created) things praise God but you don't understand their praise. God is tolerant and forgiving. Translation of: Ayat 44 Surat AlIsra'.

Q: Why is the night different from the day? A: And We made the night and the day two wonders then We darkened the wonder of the night and made the wonder of the day with light so that you seek favour from your God and learn the number of years and counting and We classified everything in detail. Translation of: Ayat 12 Surat AlIsra'.

Q: When the birds fly, is it only the gravity that does not pull them down? A: Haven't they seen the birds above them spreading their wings and folding them in, no one holds them up but The Most Merciful (Allah). Indeed He is observant of all things. Translation of: Ayat 19 Surat AlMulk.

Q: When the birds glide (spread their wings in the air without moving them) can that mean something? A: Can't you see how those in the heavens and the earth praise the glory of Allah. Even the birds with their wings spread in a line have known their way of praying and praising. And Allah has infinite knowledge of what they do. Translation of: Ayat 41 Surat AlNoor.

Q: What did God create the animals from? A: Allah created every animal from water. Some of them slither on their bellies, and some of them walk on two legs and some of them walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Allah is capable of everything. Translation of: Ayat 45 Surat AlNoor.

Q: Has Allah created the world according to a balanced mathematical order? A: He lifted the sky and made the balance. Do not spoil the balance. Set the weight with justice and do not lose the balance. Translation of: Ayat 7-9 Surat AlRahman.

Q: What is the major function of the mountains? A: And He fastened in the earth mountains to protect against the earth shaking with you. And He made rivers and roads so that you might get the right guidance. Translation of: Ayat 15 Surat AlNahl.

Q: Has the Qur'an predicted the man's travel into space? A: You people of Aljin and human beings: If you can penetrate the zones of the heavens and the earth, do penetrate! You will not penetrate without authority (from Allah). So which sign of Allah do you deny? (Otherwise) a flame of fire and copper will be sent on you and you won't win. So which sign of Allah do you deny? Translation of: Ayat 33-36 Surat AlRahman.

Q: Does the size of the land of the earth change? A: Haven't they seen that We reduce the land of the earth from its sides. And Allah rules and there is no reviewer to His rule. And He is quick in judgement. Translation of: Ayat 41 Surat AlRa'd.

Q: Has the science of neurology proved that the human brain becomes dead for some time during the human sleep? A: Allah takes the souls at the time of their death and the souls of those who haven't died during their sleep. Then He holds back those who have died and send the others to a fixed time. Such are the signs for the people who contemplate. Translation of: Ayat 42 Surat AlZumar.

Q: In pre-historic times, were the sky and the earth joined together? A: Haven't those who don't believe in Allah thought that the heavens and the earth were joined together and We separated them. And We made from the water every creature alive, so why they can't have faith. Translation of: Ayat 30 Surat AlAnbiya'.

Q: How do the bees know how to make honey? A: Your God has inspired the bees to make houses in the mountains, trees and what humans raise. Then eat from all the fruits and flowers and follow the channels of your God without difficulty. From their bellies a drink of different colors comes out; in it a healing for people. There is a sign in that for the people who contemplate. Translation of: Ayat 68-69 Surat AlNahl.

Q: Does the Qur'an mention that the body of 'Pharaoh' will be preserved? A:And made the people of Israel cross the sea, so Pharaoh (Phiroun) followed them in tyranny and assault (attack). When he was about to drown he said :" I have faith there is no god but the One in whom the people of Israel have faith and I am from the muslims (submission to God)". Now?! And you rejected before and were from the corruptors. Today We will save your body so as you become a sign to those who come after you and a lot of people are unmindful (careless) about Our signs. Translation of: Ayat 90-92 Surat Yunus.

Q: Do the ants speak in their language? A: Solomon's (Suleiman) soldiers from the jinn, men, and the birds were marshalled for him and they were restrained (stopped). When they reached the valley of the ants, an ant said:" O ants! Enter your dwellings to avoid being crushed by Solomon and his soldiers without their realizing that." So Solomon smiled laughingly from its saying and said:" God allow me to be grateful to your favour which you bestowed on me and my parents and to do good deeds that you accept and admit me in your mercy among your good people". Translation of: Ayat 17-19 Surat AlNaml.

Q: What happens to the clouds before the rain? A: Haven't you seen how Allah moves clouds then He combines them then He makes them in a cumulus (heap). So you can see the rain coming out from them. And He sends down from the sky mountain masses (of clouds) in them hail. So He strikes with it whom He wants and He keeps it away from whom He wants. The flash of its lightning almost takes away the eyesight. He alternates the night and the morning. In this a lesson for those who think. Translation of: Ayat 43-44 Surat AlNoor.

Q: Why doesn't water cover the entire earth? A: And We sent from the sky water according to measurement and We made it stay on earth. And We are capable of taking it away. Translation of: Ayat 18 Surat AlMo'minoun.

Q: Will the history of the first creation be repeated? A: The day We fold the sky like the folding of the book register. As We started the first creation We will repeat it. It is a promise We had undertaken that We are going to do it. Translation of: Ayat 104 Surat AlAnbiya'.

Q: Do the human sperm shape themselves? A: Have you thought about the sperm that you throw out? Do you shape them? It is We who form them (create them into human beings). Translation of: Ayat 58-59 Surat AlWaqi'ah.

Q: What can be the origin of the meteors and meteorites (shooting stars)? A: We had decorated the lower heaven (sky) with the decoration of the stars and to protect the heaven from every rebellious satan (devil) who should not eaves-drop (secretly listen) to the highest assembly (of angels in the heaven) and they (devils) are shot (with meteors) from every side to cast them away and there is a permanent punishment for them. Only who caught a snatch (of the conversation) a sharp meteorite will follow him. Translation of: Ayat 6-10 Surat AlSa'fat.

Q: Is a certain type of apes (monkeys) nowadays the offspring of originally humans? A: And ask them about the village that was near the sea. They used to trespass on the Sabbath. Their whales used to clearly come to them on their Sabbath and on other days they don't come to them. That was how we tested them because of their wrong doing. A group of them said why you advise the people whom Allah will destroy or punish severely. They said it was an apology to God so that they might fear Him. Then when they forgot what they were reminded of We saved those who were forbidding the abuse and inflicted a miserable punishment on those who trespassed because of their wrongdoing. And when they became insolent about what they were forbidden from We said to them be humiliated apes (monkeys). Translation of: Ayat 163-166 Surat AlA'ra'f.

Q: Is the human being superior to other creatures? A: And We had honoured the people of Adam and had carried them on the land and the sea and provided them with good food. And We favoured them a lot upon many of what We created. Translation of: Ayat 7 Surat AlIsra'.

Q: How are the things created by Allah? A: And from everything We created a pair so that you might remember. Translation of: Ayat 49 Surat AlThariyat.

Q: Which is more difficult to create: The Human being or the Sky? A: Are you a more difficult creation or the sky He built? He lifted it very high and He smoothed it. And He darkened its night and brought out its day. Translation of: Ayat 27-29 Surat AlNazi'at.

Q: Is the human being created in stages? A: What's wrong with you that you don't pay Allah His due reverence and He created you in stages. Translation of: Ayat 13-14 Surat Nouh.

Q: What does the Qur'an mention about pregnancy? A: He created you from one soul and then He made from the soul its mate (wife). And He sent down from the livestock eight pairs. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers a shaping after a shaping in three (veils of) darkness. That is Allah your God who owns the universe. No God but Him so to whom you turn away! Translation of: Ayat 6 Surat AlZumar.

Q: Is there a discrepancy (disproportion) in the creation of space? A: (Allah) Who created the seven heavens one above another. You will not see any discrepancy in the creation of The Most Merciful. Then return your vision do you see any crack? Again return your vision a second time your vision will come back to you chased away and regretful. Translation of: Ayat 3 Surat AlMulk.

Q: Why humans can stand up? A: O man, what tempted you away from your God - The Most Generous? Him who created you and put you in order and straightened you out. Translation of: Ayat 6-7 Surat AlInfitar.

Q: Is iron formed on earth or sent down from another place? A: --- And We sent down the iron which has great strength and benefits for people so that Allah knows who supports Him and His prophets without seeing Him. Allah is powerful and almighty. Translation of: Ayat 25 Surat AlHadeed.

Q: When should a mother wean (stop breastfeeding) her infant? A: And We directed the human being to take care of his parents. His mother was pregnant with him: Weakness over weakness and his weaning in two years. You must be grateful to Me (God) and your parents and your destiny is to Me. Translation of: Ayat 14 Surat Luqman.

Q: What happens to humans when they live long? A: And whom We make live long We degenerate him in the creation so won't they understand? Translation of: Ayat 68 Surat Ya'Sin.

Q: Where does the milk that we drink come from? A: And you have in the livestock a lesson. We give you from what is in their bellies from between the digested food and blood pure milk tasteful for the drinkers. Translation of: Ayat 66 Surat AlNahl.

Q: The Qur'an mentions a severe type of punishment by dragging the person who is a sinner and a liar from the forepart of his head. Is the Frontal Lobe (frontal part) of the human brain involved in planning, and controlling speech? A: Can you consider the one who forbids a devoted person from praying --- Can you consider if he lies and turns away? Doesn't he know that Allah is watching. No if he does not stop We will drag him (into fire) by the forepart of his head; a forepart which is lying and sinful. So let him call his society, We will call 'AlZabaniyah' (angels of hell who push the damned into Hell). Never! Do not listen to him and worship and come near (to Allah). Translation of: Ayat 9-10, 13-19 Surat AlAlaq.

Q: Is there light in the sea at 200 meters and below? A: And the deeds of those who have not believed are like a mirage in lowlands, supposed to be water by a thirsty person until he reaches it; he finds nothing and he finds Allah there. So He pays him his account and Allah is swift in taking account. Or like the depths of darkness in a bottomless ocean covered by waves topped by waves topped by clouds: Depths of darkness; One above another. If he stretches his hand, he even cannot hardly see it. And whom Allah does not give light will not have light. Translation of: Ayat 38-40, Surat AlNoor.

Q: Can modern medicine ,during a surgery, replace the lines on the fingertips? A: I do not swear by The Day of Judgement and I do not swear by the repentful soul. Does man think that We will not assemble his bones. Yes! We are capable of making his fingertips (with their lines). Translation of: Ayat 1-4, Surat AlQiyamah.

Q: Is CLONING predicted in the Qur'an? A: Indeed Allah does not forgive who makes partner(s) with Him, and He forgives other than that to whom He wills, and who makes partner(s) with Allah, he had strayed far away from the Right Path. In fact, by excluding Him, they call upon females (goddesses) and in fact they call upon an obstinate rebellious Satan. Allah had cursed him and he (Satan) said: I surely will take a dictated share from your people. And I (Satan) will mislead them and will give them false desires and I will order them to cut the ears of the cattle (livestock), and I will order them and they will change the creation of Allah, and who takes the Satan for a master, leaving Allah, has indeed lost a very clear loss. He (Satan) promises them and gives them false desires and what Satan promises is only a deception. The dwelling of those is The Hell and they will not find a shelter from it. Translation of: Ayat 116-121, Surat AlNisa'.


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